Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dirty Dawg

I generally give Maisie a daily clean-up with dog wipes made for that purpose.  In the summer, I also take her about once a month to Soggy Paws, a local self dog wash place. But after a while, I start to get grossed out thinking about all the slobber (and probably worse things) she encounters in her many daycare sessions and park visits.  Especially because of all the time she spends hanging out in her favorite location (aka my bed)...

So every three months or so I feel like she needs a trip to the groomer for a professional scrub down, nail trim, etc.  I realized yesterday it was about that time, and was able to get Maisie an appointment for today.  I figured as long as she was about to get extra clean, we may as well go to the dog park this morning and let her get extra dirty first. Maisie agreed.

After an hour of playtime at Puptown, it was off to the groomer.  As you might expect, Maisie doesn't enjoy going there and sometimes even tries to run back out the door as soon as we enter.

But the two extremely nice pit bull-loving sisters who own the place always tell me that Maisie is a perfect little angel while there, allowing baths with no resistance and waiting patiently in a crate while drying.  Interesting.  I took advantage of Maisie's day of beauty to make a last minute haircut appointment with my stylist as well.

After coming home and washing all the blankets on which Maisie routinely lays her precious little self so they'd be clean too, I waited for the groomer to call and tell me she was ready. I picked her up around 3pm (she'd been there a little over four hours total).  The finished result is an uber clean, super shiny and very tired pooch!


h(eather) said...

Soggy Paws is a life saver! I love the self wash, but their groomers are amazing too. Which one do you go to?

Maisie's Mom said...

I go to City Groomers on Irving Park at Southport. I took my previous pooch there for many years and they were so patient and gentle with her in her senior years. and they have their own pit bulls, so they are very cool and understanding about the breed!