Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Stinks

We are OVER the cold weather and snow around here.  Maisie's little fleece coat wasn't keeping her warm enough, so we got a heavier waterproof one last week.
 "Can you quit taking pictures and let me outside now?"

It wasn't easy, but I managed to shovel some paths for Miss M so she can do her business as usual in the yard.

It's so cold that the whole process is generally pretty quick.  But today, Maisie heard her friend Barkley outside in the yard next door.  We haven't seen him since the fall, but unfortunately we had no time for play this morning.

 "Barkley!!!  Let's plaaaaay!"

It took some treat bribing to get her back inside, but once there Maisie was content to resume her usual position on the couch.  Stay warm, friends!

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lazy Leafy Sunday

While I don't often have time to post these days, every once in a while I find myself with both adorable pics and a little time on my hands.  Like now!

In typical Maisie fashion, she woke me around 8am on this Sunday morning wanting to be fed and let outside.  Once those needs were satisfied, where did I find her?  Unsurprisingly, right back in bed.  My bed.

"oh, hi.  is there a problem?"

But shortly thereafter, a somewhat shadowy (but definitely canine-shaped) figure appeared in front of me.

Again in typical Maisie fashion, she wanted more.  As in another trip outside so she could sniff around to ensure the area was completely secure (security never takes a day off around here), then squeeze out a few drops of pee and therefore "earn" herself another treat.  Never one to discourage outdoor peeing (especially after the bedroom rug incident a couple weeks ago), I of course obliged.  Maisie immediately ran to the gate to determine if her next-door BFF Barkley was outside and available for a quick romp through the yards.

  "Barkley? Barkley? Ya there, dude?" 
Unfortunately for Maisie, Barkley was not there.  Perhaps he kindly allows his people to sleep in on Sundays.  

Queen of the backyard 

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the really feels like fall out there!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Training Hike

What's this, you say? An actual blog post?  Like, written down and published for others to read???

Yes, Maisie lovers it is true.  While work and life have left me with little time to blog, today I was inspired to do so because Maisie and I tried something new that I wanted to share with all of you.  We did our first training hike.  That is, a hike with a trainer and her dog to help get my dog back on track as far as working on leash reactivity, among other issues.  When I asked Maisie if she wanted to go on a hike, she seemed a little confused about exactly what it meant as well.
"whatchoo talkin' bout wif dis hike thing?"

I'm not gonna lie, I was really nervous.  I have not kept up with Maisie's training and rarely even walk her on leash now that we have a backyard.  But when she snapped at a very nice man picking up his dog from daycare as we were walking out a couple weeks ago, I started thinking it's probably time for both of us to get a refresher.  So we met up with the lovely Hannalore of Boston for the Dogs.  Hannalore offers training as well as dog walking services, and an hour-long private hike sounded like a great way to get back into training.  Hannalore brought along her dog Luka as a canine companion and potential distraction for Maisie.  A short drive to a nearby wooded trail and off our quartet went.  I was again, very nervous that Maisie would react badly to another leashed dog in such close proximity, but Hannalore had it all under control.

Luka, Hannalore and Maisie

I used just minor corrections (Maisie wore her prong collar) to keep Maisie close when she wanted to wander, and in check when runners and bicycles went by.  Amazingly, she had no freak outs and did not bark or lunge once.  She even remained calm and walked nicely beside me when Luka was allowed to roam off leash and Maisie's leash stayed on (though she did let out a short, low growl when he came right up to her).  We walked and walked until I got a little too warm and needed to take a break.  Maisie seemed pretty content to soak up some lovin' from Hannalore as a reward for a job well done in the meantime.

Even I was feeling pretty calm and more confident at that point.  A bit of rest, some grass grazing from Maisie, a couple more photos to document what we'd achieved thus far and we were ready to move on.

Thanks for taking our pic, Hannalore!

By the time we reached the end of the trail, we had two very tired dogs.  Maisie snoozed the whole way home...she also farted in a particularly noxious manner throughout the entire drive, but that was probably unrelated to the hike.  Unless it was a result of all the grass she ate! 

Sleeping and farting.  Ah, a dog's life.

So our first training hike was a success.  I'm excited (but of course nervous) to do it again with maybe two other dogs or in a busier area, to test Maisie's skills a little further.  I also learned a valuable lesson beyond training tips, and I'll definitely use bug spray next time because the mosquitoes really got the best of me today!

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hot Dog

Hello Maisie lovers!  It's been a while since I've posted here (hopefully you've been following us on Facebook in the meantime), but as the video below shows, not much has changed.

Maisie has always loved being warm.  When we lived in Chicago, she spent the winter panting like crazy while sitting directly in front of the vents on the floor.  Our house now has ceiling vents, so that's no longer an option.  But Maisie's addiction to heat persists...when she finds a sunbeam she basks in it, regardless of the apparent discomfort it may cause.

You may or may not be able to see the start of a drool puddle on the chair at the end of the video.  Maisie proves once again that she is the reason why I can't have nice things!  ;)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Not Terribly Wordy Wednesday - Typical

Typical sights at the Maisie and Me Inn New England...

Long day at work/daycare followed by a little weeknight TV watching/couch snuggling:

Breakfast followed by quick trip to the backyard, espresso (for the human half), and email checking which results in Maisie's patented up close in your face "pay more attention to meeeee" move:
Happy hump day, all!

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Maisie Loves Fall (aka Raking is Overrated)

As in most of New England, there are lots of trees in our area.  The wind from Hurricane Sandy blew a ton of leaves to the ground all at once, and plenty of sticks came down with 'em.  Judging from the bags of leaves at the curb for garbage pick up, most of my neighbors have already addressed the situation in their respective backyards.  However, I don't own a rake.  Also, I am lazy.  As you can see, Maisie doesn't seem to mind.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hell Yeah!!!

Bill S.2192 went into effect today.

Thank you Gov. Patrick, for signing this truly progressive bill.  First, it outlaws BSL in Massachusetts.  OUTLAWS it.

The legislation updates the state’s dangerous dog law so that it now nullifies existing city and town ordinances that focus on particular breeds, such ones that ban pit bulls or require them to be muzzled. Breed-discriminatory legislation has never proven effective at reducing dog bites, and it punishes all citizens living with a particular breed, whether they act as responsible owners or not. The new law requires municipalities to focus on the behavior of misbehaving dogs and their owners, regardless of the breed involved—for example, enforcing existing leash laws for all free-roaming dogs, which are the animals responsible for most reported bites.
Linda Huebner, Deputy Director of the MSPCA

Second, it requires training for all animal control officers.  I had no idea that was not already mandatory!

Third, it creates a statewide program to encourage everyone to spay/neuter their pets.

Finally, it allows restraining orders for domestic violence cases to include not just humans, but also pets.

We are so so proud of our adopted state and hope others are inspired and able to pass similar legislation!

This face will never, ever be muzzled.
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