Monday, March 21, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

Maisie and I had a busy weekend and we are not quite ready for it to be Monday.  Neither of us wants to go to work, and one of us won't even get out of bed this morning.
  "What?  I didn't hear an alarm..."

"Really, come's so comfy here.  Gimme five more minutes."

"You're not still here, are you?"

"I moved...happy now?  No?"

"Your persistence is so tedious..."

"Fine, I'm up.  There better be breakfast ASAP, mmkay?"


Unknown said...

Very engaging blog. I like it.

Maisie's Mom said...

thanks Dawnie! it's fun to write and I get to take (and show off) lots of cute Maisie pics! :)

In Black and White said...

What a cutie! Wish Billy would show a little more reluctance to get out of bed in the morning...

Maisie's Mom said...

it's pretty rare for Maisie and of course never on a weekend when I can actually sleep later!