Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Walks

Walking around the block in fall provides different scenery than our summer or winter walks.

Though a fair number of trees are still sporting greenery, there are dead leaves on the ground everywhere.

A neighbor down the street has already added a touch of autumn to her outdoor decorating.

The very rainy weather we experienced over the last few weeks has resulted in some unusual vegetation...
Always the worried mama, I was sure these 'shroomy growths must be toxic and quickly steered Maisie away.  She showed little interest in them though, so they must not be very stinky!

Maisie seemed happy to find a few still thriving plants to sniff (and pee on).

And expressed her annoyance at being forced to pose for pics with a typical stink-eye look!

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Friday, October 21, 2011


As previously detailed, Maisie eats raw food.  A few months back, I decided to investigate some less expensive options (including grain-free kibble) but ultimately opted to keep her on raw.  I did, however, change brands...initially because it was a lot less expensive than the first one.  Since then, the price has increased a bit (to around $3.70 per day for approximately 40 lb. Maisie), but I have kept her on it because she seems to be doing better on this food.

And by "better," my fellow dog people know I mean better poops.  Not to get too gross with details, but let's just say there is a more consistent firmness that was sometimes lacking before. Plus the dinner bar format is perfect for me because each bar is one pound...which just happens to be the exact amount Maisie eats every day.  They are conveniently pre-scored to be easily divided into two (or more) meals.

I have also started adding a few different things to one of Maisie's two meals each day, for added flavor and benefits.  I add a tablespoon of probiotic-rich Greek yogurt every other morning, and on the other mornings I switch between the same amount of either cottage cheese or applesauce (the no sugar added variety).

Maisie's breakfast yesterday was yogurt with beef (which I alternate with chicken to mix up the protein).

She loves it when I let her lick the yogurt-y spoon as an appetizer!

At the suggestion of Our Waldo Bungie, I also have been sprinkling a dental supplement over Maisie's food.

It took a while to see results, but now I think there has been at least a slight reduction in tooth discoloration so I am continuing to use it.  Unfortunately, the product's claim that it helps bad breath is pure fiction!

Since Maisie's food is grain-free, I give her grain-free treats as well.  When she's a good girl (or just extra super cute, like always), she receives a reward from the treat jar.

I also try to keep her Kong fillings grain-free, mixing any combination of yogurt, applesauce, sweet potato and/or banana with canned ground meat.  I put a little peanut butter in there every now and then too.

Regardless of what she's fed, Maisie still has to "wait" until I give her permission to dig in.  Sometimes she likes to show me how hungry she is in the meantime...I think that's so she can be sure I really appreciate her waiting.

The instant she's "free" to eat, she chows down.  The bowl is always completely empty within a couple minutes!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's UP? (aka Wordy Wednesday)

I apologize for the lack of recent I said on the blog's Facebook page a few days ago, things have been kinda crazy around here as I get used to the new job and the extremely long commute.  Thankfully I was given permission to work from home for the next couple days, so now I have a little time to post!

Maisie has adjusted surprisingly well and seems to like her new daycare out in the 'burbs near the office, though I have to admit it feels a bit odd to drop her off at a strip mall!  But she actually doesn't act as scared going in as she did with the city facilities, maybe because this one is smaller with less open space and perhaps therefore less intimidating to her.  Also, there are a lot fewer dogs...while at the previous daycares there could be anywhere from 20-50 pooches at a time, this one has 10-15 at most.  So Maisie can chill out by herself when she doesn't feel like socializing (and I like to think that she receives more personal attention from the staff too).

As I expected, Maisie is happiest on the days she goes to our dog walker Paul's house.  He has a yard and a big back deck, and Maisie loves playing with his three dogs (especially his pit bull Lila, shown below on the far left and adopted from the same rescue as Maisie).  This pic of Maisie enjoying the outdoor space with Paul's pups (and a couple other client dogs) was taken in the spring of 2010, while I was on vacation in Mexico.
   Besides Lila, Paul's other dogs are Clifford ("the big red dog" sitting next to Maisie) 
and Buster (the giant Mastiff in front).  that's a lot of dog for one person!
The white dog with the black spot is Dottie, a deaf pit bull (and another NLOL Chicago alum).

Yesterday, Paul gave marrow bones to all four dogs as a special treat.  So you can see why Maisie wags her tail so hard that she almost falls over upon arrival there...I'm pretty sure that to her, Paul's house is doggie heaven.

Since things in the outside world have changed so much, I'm more attuned to what has remained consistent when Maisie and I are home together.  I still encourage her crazy roll-y way of waking up in the morning.
And she still waits on the bottom step for her leash to be put on before we go outside.

She still tries to bask in the light coming in from the window.

But settles for hanging out on the futon when she realizes it's raining and there's no sunlight to be found.

She still lounges on the big chair in the living room (which she considers "her" chair...visitors be warned).

She still makes her orgasmic antler face.

And snoozes all snuggled up with an extra blanket when it's chilly.

I am very happy and relieved that Maisie has accepted the new routine more easily than I thought she would...definitely more easily than I have!  I really miss spending so much time with her, but I try to appreciate the time we do have together even more than before.  After all, we are still a Maisie and Me.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

She Won't Get Out of Bed for Less than $20K a Day

Last week, I ordered Maisie a hand-knit sweater from Our Waldo Bungie.  Her mom is generously donating all proceeds to the medical costs for OWB's gorgeous redhead foster elderbully, Miss Ginger Rogers.  When Maisie and I picked up the mail after our pre-bedtime walk this evening, I was thrilled to see that the sweater had arrived!  So even though it was a bit late for a photo shoot, once I figured out how to button it correctly I insisted that Maisie show it off.  She was initially reluctant (models can be SO moody) but looked fabulous.

Strike a pose, Maisie!
"my contract clearly states that you are NOT to look me in the eye.  I am a STAR."

 "it felt a little weird at first, but then I started to get comfortable 'cause it's real soft and stretchy."

"pink is my signature color, but only because that lady forces me to wear it so people know I'm a girl."

"there will be treats, right?  I'm waiting..."

 "aaaaand enough already.  yo time is up!"

Want more information on the sweater sale?  Click here for the original post.  We hope you raise lots of cash, Ginge!

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