Thursday, September 27, 2012


Yes, I have been slacking on blog entries.  I promise I will try to get back to it soon!  In the meantime, you are really missing out on some adorable Maisie-ness if you haven't yet liked our Facebook page.  You wouldn't have seen her snoozing in a backyard sunbeam.

Or trying to figure out how to get back inside after jumping through a screen-less living room window.  It took some coaxing, but she eventually jumped back inside...I figured if she can jump over the baby gate to escape kitchen confinement, the window should be a piece of cake!

Or Maisie's happy crazy eyes during a puppy play date at my house (the tan blur is her lightning quick new friend Sadie).

Or Maisie forgetting what "boundaries" and "personal space" mean after taking Xanax before being crated since her separation anxiety has gotten worse...though the Xanax really helps, thinking of taking some myself!  ;)

Or unmaking my bed once again, without remorse.

Or resting peacefully on one of her dog beds.

Hopefully these pics (and the many others on FB) will tide you over for just a bit.  Happy fall!  :)