Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lazy Leafy Sunday

While I don't often have time to post these days, every once in a while I find myself with both adorable pics and a little time on my hands.  Like now!

In typical Maisie fashion, she woke me around 8am on this Sunday morning wanting to be fed and let outside.  Once those needs were satisfied, where did I find her?  Unsurprisingly, right back in bed.  My bed.

"oh, hi.  is there a problem?"

But shortly thereafter, a somewhat shadowy (but definitely canine-shaped) figure appeared in front of me.

Again in typical Maisie fashion, she wanted more.  As in another trip outside so she could sniff around to ensure the area was completely secure (security never takes a day off around here), then squeeze out a few drops of pee and therefore "earn" herself another treat.  Never one to discourage outdoor peeing (especially after the bedroom rug incident a couple weeks ago), I of course obliged.  Maisie immediately ran to the gate to determine if her next-door BFF Barkley was outside and available for a quick romp through the yards.

  "Barkley? Barkley? Ya there, dude?" 
Unfortunately for Maisie, Barkley was not there.  Perhaps he kindly allows his people to sleep in on Sundays.  

Queen of the backyard 

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the really feels like fall out there!

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