Monday, February 14, 2011

Treat Dance!

I posted this on my Facebook page, but thought it was worth the double post.

Maisie comes to work with me three days a week.  Usually right around 4pm, she will approach my desk and give me a look.  A look that says "it's time for a treat, lady."

And what happens after the treat is given?  The Treat Dance!


Two Pitties in the City said...

Now I wonder how you get any work done. She is just so, so happy. I always envy people who can bring their dogs to work.

Maisie's Mom said...

it is without a doubt the #1 perk of my job. I keep an antler there for her to chew on and she always gets some mid-day activity so she doesn't get bored and bug me. my dog walker picks her up around lunchtime and takes her along on his walks with other dogs for an hour or two. but honestly, she sleeps about 90% of the time she's in the office with me!

Unknown said...

The treat dance is oh so cute. I'm lucky as well and have a job that allows me to bring dog(s) to work! My Noah goes with me everyday and wonders the office and the shop just picking and choosing who he decides to lay and watch work or take a nap with. They also allow me to bring my fosters dogs that might need a little extra attention or socializing to help them prepare for adoption. It is by far the BIGGEST PERK of my job!