Saturday, February 5, 2011

Maisie Loves Chrissy

Every woman living in a big city needs a gay bestie.  I am lucky enough to have a whole gaggle of gays as my main group of friends.  We all live in the Uptown neighborhood, and the few of them who live right around the corner are kind enough to come over and hang out with me and Maisie fairly frequently (thus saving me the ordeal of crating her alone in the house).  I love them all, but Maisie has her favorites and one of those is my "gay fiance" Chrissy. The feeling, I believe, is mutual.

I have learned from Chrissy that champagne is an everyday drink and not to be saved for special occasions.  To that end, over the summer I began hosting a weekly sparkling get-together (usually on Sunday nights, but lately we all meet whenever we can due to Chrissy's travel obligations).  It's been a difficult work week and a difficult weather week, so this weekend we've planned two champagne drinking sessions.  These pics are from the first one, last night.

If you look closely at the photo above, you can see both the "engagement" ring I gave Chrissy (the finest cubic zirconia $20 could buy) and DeGrassi: The Next Generation on the TV in the background.  Yeah, that's how we roll.

Hope I have enough energy to do it again today!


Unknown said...

Masie loves me more ;)

Maisie's Mom said...

"Maisie Loves AJ" will definitely be a post in the near future. I need to take some pics of you two the next time you're over. ;)