Thursday, June 30, 2011

Walking the Path

While I take Maisie to the dog park for her off-leash romps, the fenced in "Puptown" area is actually just a small section of the much larger Margate Park (for some reason considered part of Lincoln Park, can any Chicagoans explain that to me?) which is located right at the end of my block.  When the weather is as beautiful as it was yesterday, Maisie and I often go for a stroll after work on the path that runs alongside it.

It gets us out of our everyday routine and gives Maisie the opportunity to sniff some new spots.

The park includes a fieldhouse that offers classes and a fitness center...or so I hear!

There is a (slightly rusty) sign out front detailing some of the building's history.

And a colorful mural decorates the wall on one side.

We also saw an unusual garden set back a bit from the path itself.

Although Maisie is very dog-selective when on leash (she snapped at a Doberman at the beginning of our walk, lest I forget), she took a shine to a couple of rat terriers we encountered (and almost got peed on).

One dog was named Jim and the other Jack.  Their owner was a tattooed woman I'd estimate to be in her late 50's...she said they were named after her favorite bartender and favorite drink!  

Maisie loved being outside in the sunshine...

In fact, she had so much fun walking the path that she had to stop and do her happy dance in the grass!

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Two Grad Students and a Pittie said...

Love the walk! Especially the pushed back garden. Havi picks and chooses who she likes as well. But I LOVE Maisie's happy dance! Shes too cute.

Of Pit Bulls and Patience said...

What a nice spot! Maisie is certainly lucky to have daily access to such fun places. Plus, you get to meet some pretty interesting people (and dogs)!

steelcityfox said...

Love the 'happy dance' picture!! Lucy likes to roll on top of her bones and do that to scratch her back. Maisie is such a cutie!

Patty said...

What a cute picture of her happy dance!

Wanted to let you know we got the antler and Sophie loved it! Thank you!! Pictures will be posted soon :-)

Unknown said...

Ooooh the park looks really nice. We love the mural! How neat that the community has a garden. Glad that Maisie did not get peed on(Pauley was not so lucky the other day)! Maisie looks too cute dancing in the grass :)

ForPetsSake said...

Awwww...what a great way to spend a summer afternoon! I love the story of the lady and her 2 rat terriers - she could be a cornerstone character in a gritty novel ;)

Anonymous said...

what a nice day. also: what is it about dogs and grass and needing to do the happy dance like that?