Sunday, November 20, 2011

Movin' on Up

As I said in my previous post, there was the possibility of a big change happening.  When we last left you, Miss Maisie Lou was eagerly awaiting the details.
 "I'm all ears."

Now, since it appears to be a pretty done deal, I can spill the beans.  Though some of you were sure I was getting a canine (or G-d forbid, human) sibling for Maisie, others wondered if we might be moving...well, the second guess was correct!  Although I only recently started my job, for a number of reasons it has not turned out the way it was supposed to.  So when I was contacted by a recruiter for a position in a suburb of Boston, I figured it couldn't hurt to at least check it out.  Turns out it's an amazing opportunity, and one that will really take my career to new places (literally and figuratively).

I have lived in Chicago my whole life...all my friends and family are here.  Knowing the move would be mandatory, accepting this position was one of the biggest decisions I have ever made.  I've got only about four weeks to try and sublet my current place here, find a new place there, hire movers, pack, then drive my car and my dog from Chicago to Massachusetts.  While Boston does not have a breed ban per se, they do have BSL in the form of a muzzle law and since there are no muzzles in my girl's future, we need to find a place outside the Boston city limits.  I am hoping to find a single family home with a yard for Maisie, but most rentals in the Boston area are not dog-friendly (regardless of breed) so the search has been tough thus far and I know compromises will need to be made.  Plus the cost of living there is surprisingly a LOT higher than it is in Chicago!

I wonder what Maisie would think if she knew about all this impending change.
"making major decisions without canine input???  that's it, I'm outta here!"

I am of course very nervous about all the tasks that need to be completed before the move and about how Maisie will react to completely new surroundings, with no constant other than me.  There will be a new house, new daycare, new dog walker and new doggie friends (and enemies) for her to get used to all at once and I'm afraid she'll be overwhelmed by the sheer new-ness of it all.  Personally, I pretty much feel that no matter where I live, if I have Maisie and we have a roof over our heads, I am home.  Hopefully that feeling will last.
"on second thought, will there be food at this new place?  I may consider reconsidering..."

Please stick with us as we make this major life change.  I'll be sharing our (hopefully big) victories and (hopefully small) defeats along the way.  It's going to be quite a project, but I believe it will all be worth it in the end!

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p.p.s.  I just noticed that this is my 100th post...thanks to all my readers for not getting sick of us yet!  ;)


K-Koira said...

How awesome. Sounds like a really great opportunity. On the house front, probably a private land lord is your best bet for a dog friendly rental, maybe try contacting some of the humane societies and agility clubs and such in the area to make some inquiries.

As for the stress of moving for the dogs, Koira always gets pretty worried if I rearrange the house, even if it is just moving a piece of furniture to vacuum under it. But, we've moved a few times and she has always settled in really quickly, so hopefully Maisie does just as well with it.

Maisie's Mom said...

believe it or not, I contacted a pitbull rescue group there to ask for advice and they suggested I lie about Maisie's breed to make finding a place easier! I said no way.

In Black and White said...

How exciting! I know how scary it is to make big changes like that - I'm sure you'll both do great.

I'm shocked that a rescue group recommended you lie, they should know better.

I also didn't realize that Boston had any BSL. My back-up plan if anything seriously drastic happened (like having to go home for a couple of months for some kind of family crisis) was always for Billy to go temporarily to my best friend in Boston. Although he's not a pit, I imagine the laws would affect him so that's good to know. Sigh.

Two Grad Students and a Pittie said...

Loving the Maisie thought bubbles.

I think this change will be so fabulous, and cannot wait to read and learn about it with you!

Kate said...

How exciting! Good luck with sorting everything out with the move! Every time we've moved the dogs have handled it just fine :) And boo to BSL!!! What a pain!!

Anonymous said...


Of Pit Bulls and Patience said...

Yayyyy!!!!! Are you looking north or south of Boston? I'm not at all surprised about the rescue group's advice, as that is the New England tradition. I've often seen pits being walked in Boston or adopted through rescues there under a different breed name. They really aren't all that strict about it, but haven't bothered changing the law.

Anyways... Best Friends Pet Care has a few doggie day camps without any breed bias- I'd look into them for Maisie. As far as renting, Craigslist is the popular way to post rental homes around here if you're a private landlord. Good luck, and welcome!!

mel said...

Aww congrats! Good luck. I'm sure Maisie will be thrilled with the change, believe it or not. Most dogs love a challenge and new smells and sights, and hopefully Maisie feels the same.

steelcityfox said...

YAY BOSTON!!! Out of curiosity, what part (I used to live in Cambridge and loved it - halfway between Central and Harvard Squares)? Somerville is quite lovely as well, and honestly, I think both places are much more fun than downtown Boston itself.

That said, Cambridge is technically its own city, so it's possible it has different BSL. Here are two links I found in Cambridge's code specifically regarding dogs:

Believe it or not, pits are not specifically called out in their 'vicious dogs' list (woohoo!), so they might be okay! (I did not yet have Miss Lucy when I lived there, so I'm not certain, but I didn't see pitbull in either of those links.)

Cambridge does have all sorts of silly laws, like you can't scare a horse, and you can't be in water naked inside where anyone outside can see you. But it's lovely, and Maisie will love running along the Charles!

Also, this is worth a read, if you haven't already, since you're moving with a dog:

I am excited for you both! :)

Maisie's Mom said...

I am looking in Watertown if possible, I think Cambridge sounds great but it would be a very difficult commute to the suburb where the office is...

Patty said...

Congrats, sounds like a great opportunity!! Good luck.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the great opportunity! I can only imagine after living your entire life in Chicago that you are a nervous wreck. Hope all goes smoothly & you both adjust quickly. Can't wait to see pics of the new area.

Maisie's Mom said...

Of Pit Bulls and Patience, I'm looking just west of Boston (Watertown-ish) for the most part. are you in Boston too???

sprinkles said...

I'm sorry the last job didn't work out the way you'd hoped but a big CONGRATS on the new job!

I can't even imagine the overwhelming feelings you must be going through right now. Big changes are scary. You'll both do great, I'm sure!

I hope this job will be all that you're hoping for and that Miss Maisie settles in quickly.

Happy Thanxgiving!

Dachshund Nola said...

Good luck to you both! My momma knows how difficult moving is. Especially moving with a dog. The breed racisms are ridiculous.
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola

ForPetsSake said...

How very exciting!! Boston is a wonderful town that I'm sure you and Maisie will fall in love with. I miss New England so very much. Good people, great sports, lots of history and culture.