Sunday, May 1, 2011

So Fresh and So Clean

This morning, I kissed the top of Maisie's head and realized that she was kinda stinky. Since she rolled in the (likely peed upon) gravel at the dog park yesterday, I probably shouldn't have been surprised.  It's a beautiful (albeit windy) Sunday in Chicago, so I decided we'd make the short trek to Soggy Paws, a local doggie self-wash place so I could give her a bath.

We live in a very urban and generally, not so pretty area.

But on our walk, we passed a sparkly mosaic mural that I love.  It's the exterior of a youth social services agency a couple blocks from my house and it's such a cool, unexpected pop of color on an otherwise drab stretch of city street.

There is a little strip of African business along the route as well.  We walked by a shop selling African clothing and candles, and an interesting restaurant (with their delivery truck parked out front).

We also saw a video store that specializes in Nigerian movies.

When we arrived at Soggy Paws, they asked if Maisie had any allergies or skin issues, then mixed up a custom shampoo from their extensive selection.  We always get a combination of the oatmeal (because Maisie tends to get itchy) and dark coat shampoos.

Besides not having to worry about bringing any supplies or making a mess at home, I also love that they wash your dog's face for you with a special mango scented foam.  The staff is super friendly and gentle, but Maisie of course hates that part anyway (as she does the entire process).

After her head was all clean, it was time to wet the rest of her down...

And soap her up.  Please note the pitiful, pathetic face that accompanies this stage.

I then rinsed Maisie off, dried her with the towels Soggy Paws provides, and finished with a bit of "high sheen" spray to make her coat extra glossy.

Naturally, I always end up buying some treats for Maisie to reward her patience before we leave.  She ate one right in the store, and we headed back home.  It was wonderful to be outside on such a nice sunny day, though the wind was strong enough to lift a dog's ears!


Two Pitties in the City said...

Our dogs are getting a little smelly, this does sound like a great idea! I don't get up to your neighborhood often, so I do like seeing the pictures. I've also heard a new pie shop opened by you; would it be true?

Maisie's Mom said...

yes, it is true...the Cupcake Gallery is now also the Uptown Pie Company. I have not tried the pie yet though! Soggy Paws has other locations in Logan Square and the South Loop, maybe one of those is closer to you?

Two Grad Students and a Pittie said...

Cutting corners, we installed a detachable shower head in the new apartment to wash Havi in the bathtub. However, I was thinking that after finals we would walk downtown and try out a new self-wash place by us. I think it would be fun. Loved following your Sunday walk!

Anonymous said...

this sounds like such a neat idea. when we lived in the city we had a spot like this in our neighborhood, but it was super expensive-- something like $35 to wash your own dog. once i saw the price tag, i decided i could wash my own dog, and pocket the money!

Bailey said...

We are having a hand held shower head installed in the downstairs bathroom just for the dogs. It will make it so much easier to rinse them. I have heard of doggy washes, but never seen one. When we really can't face a tub disaster, we pay to have them washed.

Maisie's Mom said...

I guess it's less expensive here, full price is $17 I think. and there's a frequent washer program where I believe the 10th wash is free!

Froggy said...

I work in your neighborhood! Pug actually gets his baths at the Soggy Paws! Small small world!

Maisie's Mom said...

that's a crazy coincidence, Froggy!