Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sleepy Girl(s)

Maisie spent the whole day at daycare yesterday and then had an unscheduled visit from Mr. Peepers last night. Needless to say, she is exhausted this morning!  So am I for some reason...I actually hit the snooze button when the alarm went off, something I almost never do.  While I had no choice but to finally get up, lazy Maisie has so far not even left the bed.

Last time I checked, she was sound asleep once again.  Hopefully that means she'll snooze most of the day away because she'll be in the office with me, but in the meantime I am very very jealous!

On an unrelated note, a couple people have asked about the design change so I wanted to share the details.  I noticed a credit for Designer Blogs while reading a post on Pet Blogs United (there's a similar button on my sidebar now too).  I assumed it would be too expensive to make any major changes to the blog, but figured it couldn't hurt to look.  To my surprise (in addition to pricier and more time-consuming custom orders), they have a selection of premade templates for just $10 if you want to install it yourself or starting at only $20 including installation.  The design I chose cost $25.  I did spend an extra $10 for the little pink heart favicon you now see next to my blog title if you bookmark it...and I also learned what a favicon is since (being a bit behind technology-wise) I'd never heard the term before!  The whole experience was unbelievably easy, and the new template was up and running less than 48 hours after I placed my order.


Anonymous said...

i love it! thanks for sharing how you got this lovely new blog -- something for us to keep in mind for the future.

Bailey Be Good! said...

Such a beautiful girl!

Happy Wednesday woofs & hugs,


Two Grad Students and a Pittie said...

thanks for sharing. DEF something to keep in mind!

T2 - My life with pit bulls said...

I do love the new look! Fancy!