Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Animal Art

I love collecting brightly colored artwork...every room and hallway in my house has art hanging on the walls.  Through ebay's "self-representing artists" section and Etsy, it's easy to amass a fairly affordable collection.  About half of mine is animal related (with about 90% of that half featuring dogs...big surprise).

I have four pieces by Anne Leuck Feldhaus, a favorite local artist (and fellow rescue dog lover), here is one:

And another...she actually painted this one years ago for a rescue's silent auction fundraiser, I picked it up from her and loved it so much that I ended up being the high bidder!

This is right next to my bed to encourage a restful night's sleep:

I keep this folk art style painting in the kitchen, near Maisie's crate:

These pigs cracked me up and I just had to have 'em hanging around:

And this was an amazing birthday gift made for me by my friend Sara.  Perhaps you recognize the subject?

Not everyone appreciates the art though.  Maisie just wanted breakfast.
"See this empty food bowl, lady?  Put the camera down and fill it!"


Two Grad Students and a Pittie said...

WOW, i LOVE the artwork! im actually playing on Etsy this morning so I can grow our collage wall with art today. I love pretending to put word in Havi's mouth, sometimes I feel she doesnt appreciate our decorating skills, either.

Froggy said...

Have you seen art work by BJ (I don't know her last name)? She is a local artist who paints cats and dogs on old windows. They are really amazing. I have my Pug/Michigan room that has various art work of black pugs and U of Michigan stuff (Maize and Blue which is where Maize got her name).