Tuesday, May 31, 2011

21 Nicknames

I hope I'm not the only one who has an insane amount of "pet" names for her pet.  Here is a not entirely comprehensive list of Maisie's nicknames...meaning, here are 21 that I thought of off the top of my head:

1)  Maise
2)  Lou (Maisie's middle name, in case I have not mentioned that previously)
3)  M.Lou (ala J.Lo)
4)  LuLu
5)  NuNu
6)  Maisonnaise
7)  Goofus McDoofus
8)  Smiley Jones (only when she is smiling, obviously)
9)  Monkey
10)  Bear
11)  Boo
12)  Bunny Rabbit
13)  No Way-sie Maisie (my brother came up with that one when Maisie got a little too close to his sandwich)
14)  Buh-doo (sometimes Buh-doo-doo, really no clue where it came from)
15)  Poopy Dunderhead
16)  Snoopy
17)  Little Monster (my attorneys are contacting Lady Gaga about her stealing this)
18)  Silly Bobilly
19)  Pumpkin Head
20)  Stinky Binky
21)  My Furry Little Money Pit (when referring to her in conversation)

*sigh*  "Call me whatever you want, just make sure you feed me."

What name(s) do you use for your dog (or cat) when you're not calling them by their actual given name?


Froggy said...

For Pug (whose real name is Pugsley-Toad and the U in all his nicknames are elongated)
1. Pugglesworth
2. Puggie
3. Sir Pugsalot
4. Pugmeister

Maize- funny we didn't have any overlapping names!
1. Moo Moo
2. Moo bear
3. Maizeltov

Two Grad Students and a Pittie said...

Number 13 is my favorite! My Pop always says "call me anything you want, just dont call me late for dinner."


Are the reigning champions

Except when she plops down in the middle of a walk when she meeets someone new and wants a belly rub..then we call her slut ;)

H Ski said...

Lola has a ton of nicknames too. Here are some of her's.

Pretty Girl
Lola Lola ( Not sure why this is one but she is often called this)
Silly Girl

A Couple of Misfits said...

How to choose? Skye is typically SkyeBaby or SkyeBabyGirl, and Parker is Bubba, Bubbie, or Bubbie Lou. Or Bubbie Lou Bear. Really I seem to continuously add syllables to their existing nicknames. Who knows what I'll be calling them by next year!

Two Pitties in the City said...

Oh, I didn't realize so many people really did do this. Most recently I have taken to calling Miss M "monkey" because she looks like a gorilla.

Kristine said...

LOL. My Little Furry Money Pit sounds exactly like something my husband would say.

We have a ridiculous number of nicknames for Shiva, I can't even think of them all. Sheevs, Wiggle Butt, Doofus Dog, Shivster, Puppers, Dog, Ma'am, Shivarino... etc. etc. It just gets worse from there!

Patty said...

Hi Maisie, I am a new follower via some other dog blogs I read.

Nicknames my pup has:
1) Soph
2) Sofa
3) monkey
4) rhino
5) radar
6) Sophia

Ysabelle said...

Nice nicknames/names for cute puppy/puppies

"14) Buh-doo (sometimes Buh-doo-doo, really no clue where it came from)"

was wondering about where it came from too. :)

OscarBlogger said...

I have a ton of nicknames for Oscar, and Monkey is one of them! Personally, I think No Way-sie Maisie is my favourite out of the list.