Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bunny Ears!

Maisie still has a few more days of wearing the E-collar/cone before her stitches are taken out Tuesday evening.  In the meantime, I have captured the three different looks of her "cone ears" for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy...

1)  the Full Floppy - both ears flopped downward, as when cone is not present

2)  the Half and Half - one ear up, one ear down

3)   and finally...Bunny Ears!
"I looove the cushy chairs by the office front door, cone or no cone!"

Maisie's wound is healing nicely and I have actually allowed her to be cone-free fairly often (when I can keep a close eye on her, which has been most of the time).  I can tell she's dying to run or play with her (select few) doggie friends as we pass them on our walks but overall, she's been surprisingly well-behaved and calm throughout this whole ordeal.  Still, I will be very happy when the stitches are gone and we are able to resume our normal schedules.  Though Maisie does seem to like coming to work with me every day instead of just three days a week, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't mind that part being permanent!

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