Friday, July 8, 2011

Tire-d in Uptown

As I started the car to go to work this morning, I noticed the low tire pressure light was on.  Not wanting to risk a fully flat tire in the office parking lot, Maisie and I went to our (dog-friendly) neighborhood tire store.

While they investigated the problem, we took a short walk.

Maisie even made a little friend along the way.

We headed back to Just Tires and sat in the waiting room.  At first, Maisie was calm and quiet.

But she started getting agitated by all the machinery noises and every time a mechanic walked past the room, Maisie went crazy, lunging and barking (and scaring a little girl in the process).  So I decided we should spend the wait time taking a mini-tour of our Uptown 'hood instead.  We walked by a lot of landmarks, some new and some old.  Here are some of the highlights...

First, the Aragon Ballroom...a concert venue only a couple blocks from my house.  Built in 1926, it was just announced yesterday that the Aragon will be the location of President Obama's 50th Birthday celebration. How exciting!!!

Around the corner, we strolled past one of my favorite bars in the neighborhood (Maisie is not a fan of the name though).

As well as a comedy theater that may or may not have been named after Maisie herself!

On the same block, we passed the old Uptown Theater.  It was once an ornately beautiful movie theater (my parents reminisce about dates they had there) but has fallen into disrepair since it closed 30 years ago.

There have been talks throughout the years about restoring it to its previously grand state, but so far nothing has been done.  A poster in a broken glass case out front features details of the theater's inaugural week, way back in 1925.

A few doors down is a popular gay sports bar (not as much of an oxymoron as you might think).  They have pretty good food too, and my friends go there quite a bit.

Next to Crew is the Green Mill.  It first opened under a different name in 1907 but became famous (or rather, infamous) in the 1920's when one of Al Capone's cronies was part owner and the club became a mobster hangout.  They still have live jazz playing every night and it's a really cool place to take out of town visitors.

Across the street is yet another music venue, the Riviera (known to locals as "the Riv"), which was built in 1917. On a 100 degree summer night nearly a decade ago, it was here that I saw Wilco perform the best show I've ever seen...even though there's no air conditioning in this old building!

By that point, I figured it was time to go back and check on the car.  Unfortunately, in addition to a leaky rim (whatever that means) on one tire, they also discovered a nail in a second tire so the car wasn't yet ready.  Maisie and I waited outside this time so she wouldn't be as confined and potentially freak out again!

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Diane said...

One of my Pit Kids has a bit of the same issue that Maisie has when she is on a leash. When Maisie does the barking lunging thing out in public like that how do you respond to those around you. I hate when it happens because I'm working on calming Shelby down and onlookers on looking at her horrified. I don't want to leave that impression in their minds but I never know what to say. How do you handle the situation? By the way I think Maisie is one of the prettiest girls. Her coat is beautiful, she just looks so healthy!

Maisie's Mom said...

hey Diane, there is no good way to handle it I guess. most (but not all) the time, it's possible for me to put her into a "sit" once I get her under control and at that point, I try to explain how she is a rescue and was likely abused prior to me adopting her. that usually makes people more sympathetic. I also mention that we've done a lot of training and as bad as her behavior may seem at times, it's actually a vast improvement from where we started out. most people are understanding...but there are always people who don't want to hear any reason, and I can see their side as well.

chancythegardner said...

Sorry about your tires. Hope they got them all fixed for you.

Maisie looks so shiny and beautiful. The pictures you took on your walk are very interesting and nice. Thanks for sharing your walk. Hugs and nose kisses

Of Pit Bulls and Patience said...

What a fun walk! I'm sure just the added exercise helped Maisie calm down a bit in the stressful environment.

Oskar said...

Sorry about the tires, but at least you guys got to have a little adventure.

Nubbin wiggles,

Lacie Josephine said...

Maisie is adorable! It stinks that your tires were messed up but at least you got to have a nice adventure!

loveandaleash said...

what a tough spot. we've been there with various foster dogs. our trainers always tell us to try to always set our dogs up for success. learn the body signals they send before they start to go apeshit, and remove them from the situation or try to calm them while they're doing the good calming behaviors (yawning, lip licking, sniffing the ground), so they learn to stick with those instead of devolving into all-out rage. It's hard to deal with a dog who's going crazy in public-- on the one hand, you want to end the behavior. On the other hand, soothing, giving treats, or leaving just reinforces the tasmanian devil act ("i bark and growl, i get cookies." or "i bark and growl, we get to leave.") Whenever possible, it's probably best to just avoid those situations and very slowly try to desensitize. Ugh.

Maisie's Mom said...

I always remove her from the situation as quickly as possible, and never ever try to soothe or console her. she is a work in progress, always and for every few victories there is always a defeat! I never give up trying though...

road-dog-tales said...

Hi Maisie & Mom - We found you through Two Pitties in the City. We have an idea for pitties and wondered if you could send us your email address. (There's a button on our blog.) Thanks!

The Road Dogs

Two Grad Students and a Pittie said...

I love this tour of Chicago. We would like to attend Crew and Green Mill when we come visit you in our pretend future. Sorry about the car - there was a 6 month period where I lived in the 'burbs and just about had a nail in my tire every month. URGH.

Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

There are so many cool things in your neighborhood. We have replaced 2 tires in the past two months = no fun :(