Sunday, May 20, 2012

Close to You

Does your dog ever suddenly stick to you like glue with a look in their eyes like they urgently need something?  Maisie gets like that on occasion and this morning was one of those times.  First, she woke me up waaaay too early by crawling onto my chest and doling out an excessive amount of kisses .  After I was fully awake, she had to be RIGHT next to me at all times.  As I checked my email, she tried to climb into my lap.  When I sat down outside, her face was in my face.

And if she wasn't directly in my personal space, she was intensely staring at me. 

Since she'd already done her business in the yard and eaten breakfast, I could not figure out what she so desperately needed.  She leaned against my chair to be even closer to me so I gave her head and neck a good scritching.

That seemed to satisfy her enough to move on to something else.  Namely, watching (and barking at) the cable guy who pulled up in his truck outside the door of a new neighbor.

In fact, she barked so much that we had to come back inside.  Maisie then went straight upstairs and back to bed.  Hoping she can remain calm for the remainder of the's gonna be a nice sunny one here!


Two Kitties One Pittie said...

Awww Maisie! Maybe she just needed some Mama time? Zoe gets like that when she's nervous about something (if it's going to storm or there are loud nosies outside...). Hope you have a great Sunday! It's hot in Chicago too. :)

sprinkles said...

I'm petsitting and my bigger chi has been all up in my personal space since the beagle came to stay. I think he's afraid the beagle will take any and all attention away from him - he seems to think the entire world revolves around him and only him. bol. The beagle is very sweet and I'm enjoying having him here, but I'll be happy to have a moment to myself when he goes home.

sprinkles said...

Don't remember if I mentioned this to you already or not but I'm hosting my annual Doggone Dog Swap. Would love to have you join us!

Two Grad Students and a Pittie said...

Love that Maisie face in my face!