Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thanks Mr. Chewy!

Like several of my fellow dog bloggers, I received an email from asking if I'd be willing to write a review of their site in exchange for a $50 credit.  Since they insisted my review be honest and not just positive, I eagerly agreed (as Maisie salivated next to me in anticipation).

The site features over 70 brands of food, treats and other pet products and offers free shipping for orders over $49.  I was impressed by the selection and also by the fact that the treat section (which is where I was shopping for Maisie) is divided into convenient categories such as brand, lifestage and specialty.  Since Maisie's diet is pretty much 100% grain-free, I was happy to be able to limit my choices to just grain-free options by searching only within that category.  Though I was surprised to see that chicken jerky treats from China were still being sold after all the recent issues and negative press about them!

MrChewy had so many varieties of treats that I ended up spending over an hour on the site before finally making a decision.  Just two days later, a package arrived and it contained all this:

I did spend a few dollars over $50, but I think the quantity above was a fantastic deal for just $53!  

While I didn't want to make Maisie ill by having her try everything at once, I of course had to let her sample some things upon arrival.  First, she tasted a PureBites freeze-dried cheese treat, made of 100% cheddar.  She may appear uninterested here, but wolfed it down in about two seconds.

Making sure not to miss even one little crumb...

She then practiced her "waiting with treats on paws" trick with (USA made) Tranquility chicken jerky, infused with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids as well as calming ingredients (chamomile and lavender).

Finally, since Maisie so loves deer antlers I thought she might enjoy a moose antler chew as well.  I was correct.

Maisie has yet to try the alligator shaped dental chews, the beef tendon Flossie or the raw freeze-dried venison and lamb treats but eagerly awaits the opportunity to devour all of them.

Thanks MrChewy, you've made a happy little dog even happier!!!

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JD and Max said...

Oooh, how yummy! This post made us drool all over the keyboard! Those moose antlers look super-nommy - and Max would do almost anything for a cheesy treat - YUMMERS!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max

Rebelwerewolf said...

Badger and Mushroom are headed over to "help" Maisie with those yummy treats...

sweetemaline said...

We love Mr Chewy! I just ordered some food and treats from them this morning!

sprinkles said...

That's actually a lot of goodies for $53! I've heard good things about Mr. Chewy, one of these days I'm going to check them out and buy a little something(s) for my boys.