Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It rained last night and it's supposed to continue all day today and tomorrow.  I'd be happy if this was a sign that spring had arrived, but unfortunately it's supposed to get very cold (and potentially snowy) again within the next couple days and last at least through the weekend.  Maisie and I both hate going out in the rain, but thankfully it was just drizzling when we went for our walk this morning.  Still, it's a very gray day...

And there are puddles everywhere.  But around (and through) them we walked.

We actually live on a very nice block in a not so great neighborhood.

This being Uptown, we often encounter interesting items on our walks.

The last couple mornings, I've been feeding Maisie post-walk instead of before we go out, which has resulted in much quicker walks because she's focused on the breakfast that awaits her.  Add rain to the equation and you've got a dog who just wants to take care of business and get her furry little butt back in the house.  Even though it wasn't raining hard, it was still wet enough outside that she had to endure the dreaded Drying Towel.

Don't forget your umbrella today, Chicago peeps!


In Black and White said...

One damp owner and very soggy dog just got back from a walk round Humboldt Park ;-)


Maisie's Mom said...

I feel ya! ;)

Two Pitties in the City said...

I've been so disappointed with the weather lately--not to mention the progressive cold. It must be nice living so close to the lake.

Maisie's Mom said...

it's nice in the summer, but the wind in the winter isn't so pleasant!